Women Of The Village

Women Of The Village

Administration & Organization

The beauty of hiring a Virtual Assistant is
that it eliminates the
process of hiring
a part-time person
who doesn't have
enough to do during
the time they are
on the clock.

Excel Spreadsheet Expert

As an Excel Expert,
WOTV can organize
your data, train your office staff, create
inter-office documents
and forms, and get
your business ready
for the world.

Online Research

Need to do some preliminary research for a grant or a product premier? Looking for a new home or office lease?

Your WOTV can do some comparison shopping, find the best options specifically for you and schedule viewings that fits your schedule, so you can get you back to more important tasks!


TheRese Anderson-Aduni
1611 S. Utica Ave. Ste. 109
Tulsa, OK 74104

Latest comments

31.10 | 16:16

Keep it going, Little Sis! You're covering all the bases of interest for our people. GREAT!

22.12 | 23:58

This is so helpful!❤️

12.12 | 05:36

For everyone, the basic element is the same. We call it love. We have no thought of attack or comparison or conflict when love is our guide.

12.12 | 05:35

What you are saying is that we have two inner voices, the Ego and the Holy Spirit? The quieter voice is recognized too seldom, thus chaos often reigns. Makes sense.

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